Used car of the Toyota Dyna which is high in popularity in developing countries

The cars which were considerably scrapped in Japan from old days were exported to Southeast Asia and the African developing country.
The cars going bad are exported to the appearance by parts handling more than 10 years after registration in the first year, but they are polished up to a bright shine locally, and it is like a new car and large amount of is traded.
The demand for truck increases with a Southeast Asian developing country developing in an economic aspect, too.
The countries which carried baggage leisurely in a carriage and a cowhouse carry farm products by a truck with economic development and are coming to make much of productivity so far.
However, the used car of the truck made in Japan is extreme popularity now in Southeast Asia because I cannot purchase the truck of the new car with a high price.
The first on the list of the particularly popular car model becomes the Toyota Dyna.
It is high in the popularity of the Toyota Dyna which is unrelated to the trouble, and a large amount purchase is enabled because the export route to Southeast Asia is established by perrunning car which does not have an assessed value so far.
Until before, the truck of the gasoline engine tended to come to have low assessment for a while.
However, as for the Toyota Dyna of the gasoline engine, it is bought large amount now.
It is smart choice that depreciation is over, and the mileage starts the truck which lengthened for a purchase, and purchase a new car.